How to Negotiate a Salary Increase or Pay Raise

When it comes to work, dealing with matters of money can be a sticky subject with managers. Department heads are often dealing with balancing budgets and making dollars stretch as much as they can. It can be scary to approach your boss for a raise when you know that times are tough, but if you have not had a salary increase for a while then it is really time to sit down and negotiate a new pay rate. Nobody likes to have an uncomfortable conversation about money, so it is best to come to the meeting prepared. Here are ways to negotiate a salary increase that are truly effective.

Make a list of key accomplishments. Before your meeting with the boss, make a list of all of the key contributions and accomplishments you have made throughout the time since your last raise (or since you began). Be as detailed as possible, such as “I won 5 accounts in the last quarter.” Show your boss with graphs, charts and other statistics how you have been a valuable asset to your company and why you deserve to be paid more.

Make yourself irreplaceable. Do this by becoming an expert in a certain subject or getting trained in something related to your job. If you are a computer whiz and can create websites with ease, you can become the “go to guy” in the office for web management. If you were to leave the company, they would have to find a new web expert. This makes you invaluable and is a great selling point when negotiating a pay raise.

Be flexible. Be the person in the office who is always willing to take on the tasks that no one else wants to. Come in early and stay late. Prove your commitment to the organization by being a flexible team player. When it comes down to negotiations, your boss will remember your dedication to the job and willingness to take on the jobs that no else wants to do.

When it is time to sit down with your boss to discuss a salary increase, be prepared. Discuss how you have contributed to the company and why you believe that you deserve a pay raise. Make sure to have facts and figures to back up what you are saying. When your boss sees on paper how much you have contributed to the company’s success, they will be more inclined to give you the raise you deserve.cdi

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