Resume Writing – using a photo?

Resume writing:

There’s a great deal of conflicting information regarding the use of photos on a resume and in what resume writing circumstances you should use one. Although there’s no actual rules outlining when and where you should use a photo, here are some useful pointers and guidelines for resume writing:

For most general office and labour based roles, there’s really no need to include a profile picture. In fact, we would recommend that you avoid the use of pictures in all circumstances.
For Asia, you need to research the market as some countries do still prefer a picture attached.

In public speaking, artists, modelling and other positions that can be deemed as media, arts and communication then you may need to embed a digital photo.

Executive profiles and bios can include a photo depending on the style of resume writing and format of the page(s) being used.

LinkedIn profiles do benefit from having a photo which is the ideal compromise when excluding the photo from the resume itself.

If using a photo, seek a professional image with a background that will be deemed as neutral. Avoid scenery settings or trying to be the next top model as you could well alienate your resume.

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