Resume Writers – 5 Star Service – 98.4 performance ratings

An Australian 5 Star Resume Writer Service - 98.4% performance ratings


itouch are proud to boast one of the most successful benchmarks in the industry, with a 98.6% satisfaction rate, with most clients securing their ideal role in the first 6 to 10 weeks of having their resume completed. Our visiion

Client testimonials:

The following client testimonials have been taken from real-life situations and make up just a few of the many references we have received from extremely happy clients. To protect the identity of these clients, we have changed their names, however all further information supplied, including quotes, are exactly as it was provided to us.

HR Manager - 22 years experience seeking HR Director level

Background: Over the years, John had continuously added to his resume, which now become more a shopping-list of information as opposed to a professional resume. He knew exactly what he wanted from us "a commercially driven document that will set me apart from others" and had been recommended to itouch resume writers through a referral from a friend.

Feedback: "My resume has been short listed on two major recruitment campaigns and I have now reached 3rd interview on one, and 2nd interview on the other. I genuinely believe that working with you gave me the professional resume I so badly needed, and also gave me an added lift in confidence. It's been a real pleasure and I will be recommending you."

Property Asset Manager - 4.5 years business experience seeking large company exposure

Background: Carole's resume was very typical of many resumes we receive. There was very little focus; with job descriptions and job titles  confusing the reader. Additionally some parts of the resume appeared to show instability. We knew that if we were going to get results for Carole, we needed to get the reader to quickly identify with Carole's background, identify key skills and see the value add.

Feed back:"I just wanted to drop you a note to say 'thank you' for such a well put together resume. I have passed round your resume to a number of associated, and all have commented that you have outlined my skills and achievements wonderfully.  I am very happy with the end result."

Lead Trade Technician - 8 years experience seeking move into Project Management

Background:   With over 8 years experience in commissioning and decommissioning of large electrical structures, Leon wanted to take his resume to the next level and focus on Project Management roles.

Feedback:"Prior to you completing this resume, the only calls I would get were to ask if I wanted more direct trade work. This is the first time I have been taken seriously for Project Management work and have already received 2 positive responses with interviews pending next week. "

CEO - 20 years experience, "self employed / consulting" background seeking permanent employment

Background:  Clients with self employed / contractor backgrounds often receive a number of objections on the market, the first being a concern that those who have undertaken long periods of self employment may find it difficult to settle into a long term position. Others also view consultants as great for strategy and troubleshooting, but would get bored if faced with regular day to day issues.

Feedback:"I wasn't expecting the face-lift you gave my resume. I really embraced style of content and layout provided which has given the resume a strong identity and true value-add. With recruiters now calling me instead of me calling them, I can genuinely say that you have surpassed expectations... I can't thank you enough."