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Searching for a professional resume writer that understands what's required at senior management, executive and Board executive level can be a hugely daunting task. Does the writer have the skills to meet your requirements? How do you know they are credible? What can the resume writer do that you can't do yourself? What's going to give your resume that competitive edge?

itouchprofessional can proudly boast over a decade of recruitment and resume writing expertise in Our credibility in the market is backed by numerous industry awards including the much coveted TORI Award; an international resume writing award that thousands of resume writers compete for every year.

Simple the Best - Resumes by Head-Hunters

Stage 1: understanding your assignment

• Review and assess your needs (with market advice if required)
•Brief breakdown of your skills to ensure correct alignment
• Review of the jobs and market you are seeking

Stage 2: information gathering

• Consultation with you (Q&A process) to analyse your background
• Review and assess your market to ascertain key position criteria
• Identify key job competencies
•Further review of sample job ads (client supplied)
•Assess potential market competition

Stage 3: the final solution

Develop a resume that identifies with your market
Integrate stages one and two
Integrate key competencies and value-add
Prepare competency resume for your review
Make necessary adjustments

Also includes our information guide (more here)
100% guarantees of service (more here)

Pricing from $330 to $440 plus GST

For a personal "obligation free quote" , email: admin@resume-services.com.au

Other Services provided:

+ Cover letters / letters of introduction
Tailored and template version available; designed to compliment your depth of
experience, whilst selling key attributes of your skills to specific market
Price: $80 plus GST (discounted if part of the resume package)

+ Executive Bio's (networking)
We can provide one-page bio's that will assist with advanced networking
strategies and will take the place of a resume (great for introductions).
Price: quotes provided upon request

+ Online portfolio
When it's just not enough to "say it by words", a full digital media presence
can be the perfect solution.
Price: $480 to $900 plus GST (does not include resume)

+ LinkedIn profiles
LinkedIn has become an integral component of recruitment strategies and
networking. We can provide you with the framework needed to build a professional
online portfolio.
Price: quotes provided upon request