Resume Writers Advice – Hosting the Christmas Party

December is the time for entertaining, and none more so for the employee, employer and client. If you are currently involved in planning an event, there are a number of important points you can follow, thus reducing the risk to all those who attend:

* Advise all staff in attendance of company culture and unacceptable practices;
* Remove the emphasis from alcohol to entertainment, light conversations and enjoyment;
* Ensure food and appetizers are served at the start to avoid drinking on an empty stomach;
* Try using drink tickets as opposed to “free bar” option;
* Promote soft and non-alcoholic drinks;
* Consider serving beer and wine only i.e. no liquor or potential for “shots”;
* Ask other responsible members to keep you abreast of potential unruly behaviour;
* Ensure all licenses are up to date and you are covered for potential risk.

Alcohol consumed sensibly makes the festive period go down with a cheer, and with careful observation, safety concern , policies and planning can help go a long way in avoiding potentially embarrassing situations.

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