Using holiday period as a job search

Take Advantage of Post-Holiday Spirit and Look for Jobs in January!

Looking for a job can be an incredibly challenging process, but choosing to look during one particular time of the year can be hugely beneficial. What time of the year is best for job searching? More often than not, January seems to be the best time to find that job for you. January can be a great time to look for a job, as most people are back from vacation and offices have resumed their workflow.

January is a time when there is a sense of a fresh start in the atmosphere, making it a good month to get hired. Many companies begin the search for new employees in January for a few key reasons. First of all, many employees who decide to retire often do so in December. It is sort of a natural time to wrap things up; so many people opt to leave their positions right before holiday break. This leaves their spots open in January, giving you the perfect opportunity to get a job during the post-holiday time.

Another positive to looking for a job in January is that most people are back from their holiday vacations, so you are almost guaranteed to catch a hiring manager at their desk. The common time for people to take time off is during the month of December, so you can be fairly certain that everyone is back in the office, resuming business as usual. Many people are also still basking in the holiday glow, so spirits are usually high during January in an office and hiring managers are still fresh from their vacations and ready to start a New Year with some new talent.

January is also a prime month to search for jobs as you will be able to tap into the network of people that you met at holiday parties and get-togethers in the previous month. December is the time for holiday festivities and if you were doing a little networking during the fun, you will be getting calls in January. You can also use the contacts that you made during the holidays come January, putting in calls to people in your field when you know they are back at work and can help you in your job search.

Resume your job search right after the holidays to take advantage of the fresh, natural start that January provides. January is a perfect time to land that job of your dreams as hiring mangers are back from vacation and ready to get down to business!

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