LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool

Social media has become increasingly popular over the years and one great social media site for professionals is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that enables you to see what jobs a person has held and what their current position is in. It is sort of like looking at someone’s resume on the web. This is an excellent tool for networking and if used right, can be a great way to land a new job.

The first step to finding a job using LinkedIn is to build your network. Invite people you already know in your industry, as well as friends of those people to connect with you. With 75-100 connections you will have a great group of people to help you in your search and give you ideas. Discuss with your connections what positions you are looking for and what your qualifications are. With so many connections in your network, you are bound to get at least a few job leads that could turn into a lucrative position.

Another great feature of LinkedIn that makes it useful to job seekers is the ability to join various groups. Most groups are for industries, alumni associations, nonprofits and more, and they enable you to connect with every individual inside the group. This will enable you to build on your networking strategy and open up even more doors to eventually get to the career you want. Use email or phone to contact the members of the group that you wish to speak to directly. Then discuss your work history and what position you are looking for. This adds another person on your side that will help you to find the right job. Using LinkedIn groups as a networking tool is a wise choice because there are over 50,000 groups on LinkedIn, so there are many people out there that you can connect with and learn from.

Finding a good job in this economy with such high unemployment takes a lot of tenacity and perseverance. Using social media as a networking tool is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to find that great job. LinkedIn is the premiere professional networking site and can really assist you in becoming the professional you always dreamed of. You can meet great people in your field that you might never have come across without social media, which can really broaden your horizons and help you to advance your career.

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