International Market News: UK employment rates

Unemployment rises sharply in the UK to 7.9%, from 7.8% (38,000 from previous quater – measured from May 2011 to Jul 2011) with a record 1.26 million people working part-time or in a temporary job because they are having difficulty securing a full time role.

Women in the workforce:

Within the 38,000 increase, 21,000 were women with an estimated 1.05 million women now out of work in the UK.

Average Earnings:

Average Earnings grew at an annual rate of 2.6%  – a marked increase since May 2011. This might well be a reflection of companies seeking to retain workforce.

Young People:

949,000 are out of work (aged sixteen to twenty four years). That’s 20.2% of the total workforce – a worrying statistic.

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