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Working with Recruiters

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There are thousands of recruitment agencies in Australia, and we'd estimate that they control or have some direct influence on over 60 to 70% of active job vacancies, and 10-20% of the passive market.

Within each market, you'll find bulk recruiters and specialist recruiters. Specialist recruiters will deal with a more niche market, and often have a higher level of candidate relationship building. Bulk recruiters deal more with numbers, and won't spend as much time (if any) getting to know you.

The problem is, most employment seekers will need to deal with bulk recruitment agencies and are often left feeling less than cared for. In the niche market, there's also a number of potential problem areas that you need to quickly learn.

Below are some useful tips when dealing with recruiters:

  1. With niche recruiters, get to know your market and target recruitment agents accordingly.  Build a relationship, but use your time sparingly i.e. don’t just do the rounds, collect business cards but hear nothing back. Choose only those that are actively managing jobs in your field of expertise.
  2. With bulk and generalist recruitment agencies, it’s essential that your CV Resume is exactly aligned to the job being advertised. You’ll know when you’ve got it right, as they’ll call you very quickly.
  3. Always, always, and always be positive and professional.
  4. Never send your CV resume out to 100 jobs in a week. It’s not a numbers game and you’ll soon see all further applications hitting the “Spam” filter!
  5. If you don’t expect any real customer service or loyalty from recruiters, then anything above this is a plus! Recruiters are notorious for not taking calls and not calling back unless they need you for something.
  6. Control where your CV resume goes, it’s your right to know.
  7. Recruitment Consultants tend to come and go. If a consultant has left the company, ask who is dealing with your file. Don’t just presume that another consultant will pick up on your information if someone leaves. Chances are, you will need to meet the new contact to demonstrate your worth.
  8. Do not freely give referee information or market information. Recruiters are like trained detectives, always seeking to gain market intelligence that may not always be to your benefit.
  9. With niche and specialist recruiters, make sure that the promises made by a recruitment consultant are followed through. Many recruiters promise to “market your resume” or “speaking with their contacts, but few really follow through unless you give them a nudge.
  10. Don’t waste a recruiter’s time and don’t let them waste yours.


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