CV Resume writing and “ageism” in recruitment

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CV Resume writing and "ageism" in recruitment

Stereo typing people based on their age is sadly a common problem in Australia and it is estimated that over 80% of mature employment seekers have suffered some form of ageism in their job search.

However, there are still a number of organisations that seek out diversity in age across their teams and value experience, so age can also work for you as opposed to always working against you. Therefore limiting your applications the the right types of positions can often help avoid unnecessary disappointment.

What to look out for in a job description:

Employers will never say "looking for someone in their mid-20's" in a job advertisement as it's breaking discrimination laws. Instead, an employer will use subtle phrases such as "two years experience" to help guide applicants into knowing the type of candidate they feel will be best suited to their particular positions.

Here we take a look at some typical phrases used in job advertisements.

Graduate with two years experience
It's quote obvious that when an employers uses this type of phrase, they are seeking someone who is young, just starting out on their career and usually happy to take lower pay and work all the hours legally allowed ! Don't expect too much flexibility on age here

Minimum two years experience
In contrast to the above, it's a phrase that's open to interpretation and will depend on the context of the wording within the job description, and the description of the team. For some, they will be more than happy to review a resume with 40 years experience, for others they are quite simply looking for a young assistant.

Experienced manager with at least 10 years experience
As seasoned professional's dream in which the employer obviously values years of experience to young and dynamic. That's not to say the role wouldn't be equally challenging - far from it. But the will probably be looking for stability.

Newly or Recently Qualified
Although open to speculation, there's a very good change the employers is hedging towards someone who has qualified and has a total work experience of less than 7 or 8 years. Those with 20 years experience who have recently qualified should still apply, but do understand potentially they are looking for a young employee.


Making adjustments to your CV resume

If you still feel that your resume just isn't getting the required results and employers are still too busy discriminating against your age, then the following lists some useful hints and tips to improve your chances by making direct amendments to your Resume / CV:

  • Remove education dates on your  CV Resume
    · Don't list your entire employment history if you don't have too
    · Remove reference to old IT applications such as DOS or WinME etc
    · Keep you resume focused on the job description; don't list unnecessary pointers
    · Remember your resume is a selling tool and needs to sell you
    · Don't ever lose belief that you can and will succeed


Never be negative about the market

Remember, don't get frustrated about age as it won't do you any good. Simply accept that you can't please everyone and that there are always going to be different jobs, for different people, and for different age groups.

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