CV resume: the hidden job market

The hidden job market

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"It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” 

Not an entirely true statement, but when it comes to job seeking. it’s still an alarming statistic to hear that some 90% of job vacancies in Australia are never publicised. Although a large number of those jobs are filled through internal movements, there are still a huge percentage (probably some 30-40%) of vacancies that will be filled through recommendations, through job seekers making direct enquiries, and by word of mouth.

When you stop and think about it, the "hidden job market" isn't so hidden, it's just not widely explored by most of us. Once you realise that you can easily find recommendations, call companies direct and simply talk with others (word of mouth), you'll soon be amazed at the results.  can be fairly easily covered from your end. Those who learn how to tap into the "hidden job market" often leap frog others in finding a job.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Set up an online network through twitter, facebook etc and explore word-of-mouth opportunities as they arise;
  2. If you feel confident, cold-call companies that you would like to work for and ask if you can forward your CV resume for future positions;
  3. When cold calling a company, always ask for onward referrals i.e. other people to call in the organisation (you have nothing to lose!);
  4. Talk with friends, family and associates; make them aware that you are on the market (you could be amazed at the results);
  5. Keep up to date with industry trends through professional magazines, print media and online articles;
  6. Monitor potential business acquisitions or companies going through restructures / growth and approach them;
  7. Attend professional seminars and networking functions (don't forget to take your business card) i.e. keep active in your network;
  8. Approach professional consulting firms and accountancy firms, many of whom are involved in recruitment for their clients.

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and dedication to achieve huge gains. Remember, the "hidden job market" does exist, although there's really nothing "hidden" about it.

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