CV resume – Planning your next move

Planning your next move

Getting to know your market

If you haven't yet identified your market i.e. positions that you will be interested in applying for, now is the time to prepare as preparation plays a crucial part in improving success rates.

Make use of the resources around you:

Spend a few days searching online job boards such as Seek, MyCareer, Seek Executive, The Big Chair, CareerOne and the many other job boards out there. Review and assess position requirements and begin to narrow your search around positions that are relevant to your background.

Discuss options with professionals such as ourselves, or with recruiters who will often be able to give out practical advice as to whether your skills and experience meet certain job criteria.

You can often gain valuable career advice from friends and associates; some of whom will have faced similar pathways as you. There's also a vast amount of career resource material available across the net.

If considering changing markets, make sure you have the right transferable skills:
It is possible to change careers and / or change markets. To do this, you will need to be able to identify with market requirements such as; professional qualifications, transferable industry experience, IT skills and comparative industry sectors.

Make use of professional journals, media, company websites and friends to find out what’s happening within your chosen field. Try and build up industry knowledge and market information.


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