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Enhance your social networking strategy

Interestingly, social media still hasn't yet reached the depth and recognition by job seekers that it so badly should, with many people having only limited social presence for the purpose of career profiling, whilst most only using social media for personal network.

This is a bad mistake. Once you realise the extent to which companies, recruiters and search consultants are now using digital platforms to hunt talent, you'll soon find yourself left outside the market on many unique opportunities.

Building a social network for the purpose of career branding can be a powerful thing.

LinkedIn Profile:

At the very least, you need to set up a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. This should be either a full or summary version of what's to offer on your resume, written correctly with skills search in mind, and recommendations (it takes a while to build up recommendations, so now is the time to get started). Once you're up and running, you don't need too much maintenance thereafter.

Stuck? Don't worry, itouch can build LinkedIn profiles from scratch or administer your profile as part of our CV resume solution.

Twitter, Facebook, Blogger,  Pinterest, Whirlpool forum etc

On a professional basis, you should utilise social networks as a basis for building relations, gaining inside industry leads, and for increasing your market reptuation.

Twitter is a great way to communicate with different channels, and to forward industry related articles, links and comments. You can create your own blogs, or comment on other industry related articles. Educational sites and groups will show a genuine interest in career linked topics. Pinterest, YouTube and Foursquare are great for increasing your overall on-line prescence. Whirlpool is great for IT and technology chatter.

There's literally hundreds of channels out there. Getting yourself known and building credibility will take time, but once the ball is rolling you could well be setting yourself up for the future and keeping yourself one step ahead of the market.

For now, if you need one otion, then we would probably recommend Twitter.

Anything you post, others can see!

It's estimated that 80% of employers will search your name if they consider employing your services. So before you post any messages online, always consider potential repercussions. Never get taken away by a moment, and post something that can't be erased. If you Facebook is plagued with personal comments and not appropriate for sharing publicly, then change the settings (don't go public).

What employers and recruiters react negatively to:

• Political and Religious beliefs
• Profanity in everyway
• References to wild party, illicit drugs
• Generally unruly messaging, posts and blogs
• Poor grammar

Adding your CV resume for download

If you are considering posting your professional résumé / CV online, then consider several points. Do you want anyone and everyone to see your profile in detail? Are your personal contact details showing? Do you want your employer to see your résumé advertised online? Have you removed your referee contact details?

And finally...

Don't forget, there's many ways to use the above social networks to enhance your research on companies and individuals. Find out more about your future boss, research what people say about a prospective company.


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