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Dealing with redundancy

Facing retrenchment

For many, the prospective of redundancy  is seen as an extremely daunting subject placing an immense amount of pressure on personal confidence.

There are many factors behind retrenchment:

If you are currently facing retrenchment, or have been made redundant, its important to understand that there are many factors behind redundancy.

Redundancy doesn't always have to centre around individual performance. For many organisations there can be a whole host of reasons behind a redundancy process which include; retrenchments of complete departments, "last in, first out", insolvency, business / departmental relocations, mergers, takeovers and roles becoming automated.

Coping with the initial impact:

Reactions can differ greatly from person to person, so it's worth remembering that most of the time you will be reacting to circumstances beyond your control, and the feelings you have today will gradually pass as time go by.

If you have been offered some for of outplacement program, then try to make use of it. You can often gain a wide range of useful tips and hints, as well as gain assistance on mapping out your future career path. Never feel too proud to take up the offer of support as you have nothing to lose.

Talk to family or friends as many will have faced similar dilemmas and you can quickly learn from their experiences. In fact, the old saying of "a problem shared is a problem halved" can become so very true when dealing with retrenchment.

Focus on the future:

By simply reading this article, it is obvious that you are being pro-active in your approach to the possibility of retrenchment, so well done!

Once you are over the initial impact , it's time to collect your thoughts and think about the future. So many people have found their true passion following redundancy and now could be a that perfect opportunity to focus on what really matters; happiness in your career.

Try to map out a long term career objective and plan on how you may achieve this. If you have financial obligations to meet, you will need to ready yourself for the workforce quite quickly, but there is always a need for planning so don't be fooled into taking any job just to pay the bills. The percentage of those made redundant to finding working within 8 weeks is actually very high.

How to explain retrenchment on a CV resume:

There is debate as to whether you should enter "reasons for leaving" on a resume and whether you should list "position retrenched". Some examples of positive mentions have been "department closed down" or "position relocated and role became retrenched" which gives the reader a little more understanding as to the background of retrenchment.

Don't be too concerned about leaving this out of the Resume or CV completely as this can always be explained on the telephone or at interview. Most employers will recognise retrenchment as a symptom of the business, not the person.


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