Competency resumes- Job Competencies

Understanding job competencies

Within any job description, there will be a set of defined job competencies (or behaviours) that can characterise a position. Being able to identify these, and tweaking your resume / interview against key competencies can often have much desired results.

Understanding the differences between a job description and job competencies

A job description can be defined as a collection of tasks and responsibilities that an employee is required to undertake to perform a role i.e. the technical tasks. In contracts, competencies are the abilities / behaviours that an individual will need to conduct those tasks or functions successfully.

Recruiters will use competencies to measure differing personality traits to find the best "culture fit" for the position and / or for the company - hence the reason we now have "competency based interviews" or as they are more wide referred to "behavioural interviews".

The benefit of understanding competencies

If you are able to identify the competencies within a position description, you will have gained that all important competitive edge. This will help you plan your job application and also help prepare for that all important interview. This process also helps build the basis of competency resumes.

Always try to separate competencies from required tasks and formulate your application around the both.

Example competencies

* Leadership - includes vision & strategy, conflict management, entrepreneurial, change management, risk assessment, initiative, delegation, goals, results, flexibility, and operations etc.

* Communication and interpersonal - verbal awareness, interpersonal, team orientation, influencing, emotional intelligence, creativity, presenting, and listening etc.

* Work load management - time management, prioritising, organisational, conflict resolution, delegation, forecasting, evaluating, and deadlines etc.

* Team work - support, collaborative thinking, positive approach, quality of work, inspire others, productivity, and interpersonal relationships.

* Strategic thinking - develop and link long term objectives, day to day analysis, identify sequences, decision criteria, risk assessment, process planning, and budgeting etc.

These are just a few examples and no doubt you'll be able to spot many more. It's been well recognised across the industry that competency based resumes are an ideal solution to achieving the very best results..


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