Returning to work after maternity

Returning to work after maternity? Having a baby is a magical, beautiful time in any woman’s life. Maternity leave is a great time to bond with your newborn and help them to establish a routine. Unfortunately, this time must come to an end for many new moms, as they have to return to work and help to provide for their new baby. Returning to work as a new mom can be extremely challenging, but handling these difficulties is possible and here are some ways to help make the transition smoother.

Let go of Guilty Feelings

One of the hardest challenges many new moms face when they first return to work is an incredible sense of guilt. Many moms feel they are missing out and should be spending time with their babies. This is completely natural, but is not necessary. Remind yourself that you are working to support your baby and you are teaching them that women can be strong and independent.
Feeling Behind

Many women feel behind on their duties when they return to work after maternity leave. Things change so quickly in an office day to day, but you are most likely not as far behind as you think. Schedule a meeting with your manager to get caught up and discuss your concerns. They will be able to catch you up on the important things you missed and quell your fears about being left behind.

Mothers who are still breastfeeding face a challenge when they need to pump at work. Explain to your manager that you need to pump a few times a day and ask where a good place to do this is. Male and female managers are most likely to be incredibly supportive and helpful with your requests.


Make sure you have a back-up plan for if your child is sick or your baby’s caregiver is unavailable on a workday, such as you or the baby’s father taking a day off to watch the baby, or having a friend who is available on speed dial. Always having a Plan B can help you to relax.

Stay Organized

Being organized is essential to juggling the many duties that come with working and raising a child. Make lists and use your calendar to plan out your days. Decide what is most important and what can be removed from your daily to-do list. Being more productive at work can ensure that you do not have to stay late or take work home with you.

Returning back to work after maternity leave can be challenging, but staying organized and focusing on what is important can help to keep you sane and working productively!

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