How to Network Like a Pro

resume-writers-advanced-networkingFinding a job in this economy can be tough. With unemployment still lingering at an incredibly high number, it can feel like getting the job you want is more out of reach than ever. You have options, however, and one great way to find and land a good job is through networking.

Networking can get you in touch with people in your field, or the field you would like to be in, which can lead to getting the job of your dreams.

Hiring managers are currently being bombarded with resumes everywhere they turn. Statistics show that currently, for every position that is open at least 10 people are applying. Some managers are receiving staggering amounts of resumes and cover letters that can be incredibly time consuming to sift through. It is much easier for a manager to ask employees around the office if they know of anyone who would be great for a job.

That is where you come in.

If you have been networking with friends and acquaintances, your name might come up in this scenario. So how do you network? It is fairly simple. Here are some great networking tips that can lead you to the job you want:

• Keep up relationships. After you leave a job or a co-worker you like and respect leaves, keep up the relationship. It is important to stay in touch with old co-workers and bosses to keep the lines of communication open and so that you have people in your field that can give you advice and possibly help you out with a job should you ever need it.

• Talk to everyone. Everywhere you go, it is a chance for networking. Talk to strangers at weddings, sporting events, the mall, cocktail parties…pretty much anywhere! The more people you meet and connect with, the better chances you have of finding that needle in a haystack job.

• Practice how to present your skills to people that you barely know, using a subtle approach. Also, always ask people what they do with sincerity and really listen when they talk.

• Join networking clubs and associations in your field. These are great opportunities to meet other people like you and share ideas.

• Take public speaking classes and practice speaking to anyone you meet.

• Always carry plenty of updated business cards with you.

Following the simple tips above can lead you to the perfect job for you. Have confidence and speak up to get ahead in your field and make connections wherever you go.

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