Resume Do’s & Resume Don’ts

Resume Dos and Don’ts Your resume is the first thing an employer sees before meeting you. Having a poorly written or typo-laden resume can keep you from ever getting an interview. Follow these 10 Dos and 10 Don’ts of resumes to impress future employers and get that crucial phone call for an interview. Resume Dos:…
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Using holiday period as a job search

Take Advantage of Post-Holiday Spirit and Look for Jobs in January! Looking for a job can be an incredibly challenging process, but choosing to look during one particular time of the year can be hugely beneficial. What time of the year is best for job searching? More often than not, January seems to be the…
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Facebook as a Job Search Tool

The explosion of social media has led to all new methods of communicating with people. You can find people you have not spoken to in ages, post comments to friends who live across the world and even get up to the minute news on companies you are interested in. Facebook has become a popular obsession…
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