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How to Network Like a Pro

Finding a job in this economy can be tough. With unemployment still lingering at an incredibly high number, it can feel like getting the job you want is more out of reach than ever. You have options, however, and one great way to find and land a good job is through networking. Networking can get…
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The Need for Qualifications

Landing a job and getting ahead in your career have a lot to do with the professional qualifications that you have. Without strong skills you will be left in the dust by other, more qualified candidates. During slower economic times when there is far more competition for every available job, you need a good way…
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Banker loses job over contract dispute

This is an incredible story about a banker, a £580,000 ($880,000) salary, a missing decimal point and how you can’t always fool the system. JPMorgan Chase makes the news as a trader signed a contract that was for the wrong amount of his salary. The salary should have been £58,000 not $580,000. Now the trader…
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Resume Writers Advice – Hosting the Christmas Party

December is the time for entertaining, and none more so for the employee, employer and client. If you are currently involved in planning an event, there are a number of important points you can follow, thus reducing the risk to all those who attend: * Advise all staff in attendance of company culture and unacceptable…
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Job Market Update

Leading heads of Robert Half and Manpower have all suggested that their job figures and fill rates demonstrate that Australia appears to have weathered much of the global storm. Manpower have shown tendency towards the services sector, finance, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, mining and construction industries with similar industry sectors being echoed by Robert Half.…
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