• Our success comes from the use of a competency based resume model coupled with a focus on your target market, add our recruitment experience and you'll receive a high-impact design...


    Do you need to increase your networking capability. LinkedIn provides a proven platform from which to build industry wide connections and deepen your job search connections. We provide LinkedIn profiles to "expert level".

  • In 2001, we set out to make sure our resume services can be used by all. Today, we still focus very much on offering excellent value for money coupled, with a true customer experience.

  • This experienced legal graduate came to us without any interviews for 3 months and during a highly competitive graduate recruitment intake. We were able to identify multiple selling points (previously unlisted) and offer a full re-design. Success came within the third week of using this new version and she is now game fully employed.

  • A CPA by background, this financial analyst was lacking any focus on their resume and just wasn't being offered the level they deserved. By asking the right questions and rebuilding the resume on competencies, we were able to move them to the next level i.e. business decision support where they are now working for a well regarded Commercial Director within an ASX 200.

  • This client asked us to produced a branded resume, to be used for consulting based work and a version that could also be incorporated into a Bio. We moved outside of the traditional framework with a strong black & white colour scheme, spot orange, and their initials as a watermark. Such was the success of this work, this client has since referred 4 friends.

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    All professional resumes are built using a competency based resume model, thus aligning with market requirements.
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    If you require more than just a resume writer, we can provide you with full support for personal branding across LinkedIn, Networks and more.
  • We use a Competency Resume Writing model
    All professional resumes are built using a competency based resume model, thus aligning with market requirements.

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  • Focus on growth markets - by chasing growth industries you will increase job your opportunities over the long term and reduce the risk of candidate surplus.
  • The hidden job market - There are many ways to by-pass recruitment agencies and tap into the hidden job market - with over 80% of jobs found using this method