CV resume writers – the importance of knowing your salary

The importance of knowing your salary


The importance of knowing your salary

At some point during your career search, you will be asked about your salary expectations and you will be expected to come up with some sort of figure. Pitch your salary expectations too high and you might be cutting yourself out of an interview, too low and you might undermine your application.

Remember, your market worth is only a matter of what a prospective employer is willing to pay for your services, not what “you” think they should pay you. Therefore, you may now always be in a commanding position to dictate what you would like to be paid for a particular role.


Therefore, you'll need to complete some for of research. To start with, the following websites carry a selection of salary surveys:-


Although these sites are useful, their analysis can be a little generic.

For more direct information, we would recommend speaking with recruiters who understand your industry and can analyse your skills, experience and qualifications against the positions they recruit for. Try to use more than one recruiter as opinions can differ.

Did you know? If a recruiter is confused about what you are likely to command, then this could mean your resume isn't targeted and can be a sign that you are likely to be overlooked.


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We have many years recruitment experience and regularly provide our clients with assistance and support in all areas  of job search including assistance with salary advice where possible.


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