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Questions to ask them in interview

CV resume questions to ask

As the interview draws on, you will at some point be asked the inevitable, "Do you have any questions for us?". It's amazing how many interviewees go blank at this point and resort to asking a hurried question. This is a big "NO! NO!".

Draw on notes you have made during the interview (presuming you have made notes), and ask questions that are genuine, i.e. not just for the sake of asking a question. Furthermore, you should have questions written down from prior research, and/or a series of pre-rehearsed questions.

These can include:

• To whom would you report?
• Will you get the opportunity to meet that person?
• Why is the job open?
• What known issues will you be faced with during the first few months?
• Is there a written job description for the role, can you see it?
• Where do you see this role leading in 2 to 3 years time?
• What problems have your faced with previous incumbents into the role?
• What has staff retention been like in this division and across the company?
• Will there been any training provided for up-skilling?
• What are the skills and attributes most needed to get ahead in the company?

And finally, if your confidence allows "How do I measure against other candidates interviewed? What do you see as my weaknesses? - this is a fantastic way to close an interview and will definitely put the interviewer on the spot.

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